Amelia Thomas is launched!

Joining Sesay Bridalwear at our Belsize Road shop is Amelia Thomas Vintage, a London-based internet business producing classic silk lingerie.

Vintage glamour newly minted. Annie's designs are inspired by vintage styling and detail, a mixture of subtle glamour and practicality. Beautifully crafted lingerie produced in quality fabarics and laces are the hallmark of the Amelia Thomas brand.

The '40s' collection is inspired by a 1940s camiknicker bought from a market in her home town of Bath during the late 1970s. The techniques used to make this range are in keeping with the period, resulting in garments that feel remarkably authentic.

The Lace Collection is based on a 1960s nylon lace mini slip bought in Dublin in the early 1980s but some of the detailing in slides back towards the 1940s...she just couldn't help herself!

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